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The Linnea Hansen Gershenberg Memorial Fund for  The Nangabo Technical Vocational Training Institute in Nangabo, Uganda

The Nangabo Vocational Training Insititute is a registered charity located in Nangabo, Uganda. The Institute is an integral part of training early educators and teaching children in the area. In memorial of Linnea Gershenberg, the institute will rebuild the development center and name it the Linnea Gershenberg Early Childhood Education and Development Center.

Linnea Hansen Gershenberg passed away peacefully on April 17, 2019. She was an inspiring, creative, and loving teacher who lived her life to support early childhood education and influence others to support the critical and magical stage of young children’s lives. In 1968, Linnea and her dear friend and colleague, Katy Kibuka, founded a teacher training center not far from Kampala, Uganda. The mission was to mentor young teachers, hands-on, in a preschool environment. The center quickly grew to support teaching and vocational skill training. Through the years, Linnea and her husband Irving would return to visit and send gifts to help build out the training site and provide needed supplies.

Please consider making a gift in Linnea’s honor. The PG Family Foundation will serve as fiscal conduit and will direct donations to the Nangabo Technical Vocational Training Institute.

Donations are tax-deductible.

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